We are so excited to be speaking at Mystic 2017! Here’s what it’s all about -In 2005, Mystic Seminars started in a small New England town in Connecticut, It was created as a gathering for wedding photographers to share and network. At the time, there was no other outlet to do so that was tailored just for wedding photographers. And then it grew, becoming one of the most respected conferences of its kind. A conference where the speakers, attendees and sponsors interact on the same level. Where real and meaningful connections are made. Where everyone involved brings inspiration forward. Speakers that will make you laugh, cry, think, and have a positive effect on your life and business. A place where you can make lifelong friends. A conference where you can feel like you belong. Last year saw a change; Mystic Seminars hit the road and relocated to Portland Oregon! And we couldn’t be happier! Portland is an amazing city and we are happy to now call it our Mystic home.


Wedding Photography Select has been committed over the years to showcasing the very best and inspirational wedding photographers from around the world.  Now we are bringing you inspirational workshops and talks that will help you push your business even further and take it to the next level.  Wedding photography is all about growing and improving and getting better with each wedding you shoot, therefore in this competitive and saturated industry you have to be better than the best to survive.  Everyone can learn something from everyone else, so why not learn from the best.

The Road To Excellence is an opportunity to build relationships with other photographers in the industry, learn incredible insights and then, of course, have a bit of fun afterwards.  We guarantee amazing speakers from a broad spectrum of photographic disciplines who have carved enviably successful careers in their creative field.  Learning and self-improvement should never stop, so why not join us on this exciting journey.