Whether you are looking for advice on how to take your business to the next level or just starting out we want to help you WORK IT OUT. To book in on anoy of the packages below just drop us as email info@workitoutmentoring.com or use the contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you. – Chris & Verity


This option is perfect if you have some burning questions but you don’t feel like you need the full mentorship program. Most of the topics addressed in the full program are delved into quite deeply, so this is really more an overview of any of the areas which you feel need work. This session is led by your own questions and issues you might have come across on your journey. We’re happy to go into as much detail as time allows to help you reach the next level.

This session as a one off is priced at : £125


This option is really for those wanting a little more guidance with their business. The main bulk of the learning comes from Skype chats in weeks 1, 3 and 4 along with the opportunity to shoot an Engagement session with us in week 2.

Week 1 – ‘Portfolio review + attracting more clients’ – After an initial portfolio/website review this session goes into detail examining what couples are looking for and how to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We’ll also address strategies to ensure client happiness, create an exciting brand and discuss pricing.

Week 2 – ‘Shoot an Engagement session’ – This is where we will look at a real life shooting situation. You will be encouraged to find new angles and be allowed complete freedom with your shooting.

Week 3 – ‘Engagement shoot review + SEO’ – We will start this session with a review of your engagement images from the last session. The rest of the session is intensive SEO training. Everything you need to know to get to the top page on Google.

Week 4 – ‘Keeping the ball rolling’ – As the last session in the program this one is all about keeping your momentum going and enthusiasm high. We look at product delivery as well as following through with album and print sales.

Each session will be a minimum of 90 minutes, with week 1 and 3 expected to be a minimum of 2 hours. The 1 Month Boost is available subject to our schedule and sessions may, at times, be delayed slightly during busy periods.

The 1 month boost is : £750



This is the one we’re most excited about. A 3 Month Mentorship Program to really move you up the ladder that is the wedding photography industry. We’ll look at the steps we took and the mistakes we made to help you avoid any similar pitfalls. This option comprises a 90 minute Skype session every other week with us on hand via email to help keep you on track. This one is our baby at the moment, and we’re constantly adding to the program to ensure we give the absolute best possible experience and outcome.

This program also includes the opportunity to Shoot an Engagement Session with us on a date that works for you and the chance to Second Shoot a Wedding with us (30th July in Leicestershire).This will be the only date in 2016 that we bring a student along to!

Week 1 – This Week it’s all about your outward projection. You might be starting from a website you already have or you might not have one at all yet. Either way we’ll look at the best options going forward, including the SEO impact of various platforms as well as the visual impact. We’ll help you refine your brand and ensure that you catch the attention of as many couples as possible.

Week 2 – This session is purely an SEO session (although we’ll be happy to answer any other questions along the way). It might sound like a lot but for newer businesses this is one of the most crucial elements and a sure-fire way to ensure future success.

Week 3 – Building a network and free advertising. One of the most important things you can do to guarantee success is to understand the power of free marketing. During Week 3 we’ll go over all of these and our tips for making them work for you.

Week 4 – Refining your style. Here we’ll look at your body of work in more detail. We’ll go over a full wedding/engagement shoot and let you know what we’d change. We’ll also look at developing your style and identifying your unique eye.

Week 5 – Managing your workflow. During this part of the course we’ll look at your image processing and how to best manage an increased shooting schedule. We’ll talk about image security as well as delivering images to clients. We also talk about editing and post-processing in general during this session.

Week 6 – This one looks at your goals for the future. This might be financial or it could be driven by recognition. We’ll look at striking a balance between both and identifying how you are going to get there.

We want to give this one as much attention as possible. As such we are only able to take on one business at one time for this program. This will be offered on a first-served basis.

Our 3 month intensive program is priced at :